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February 7, 2013

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upward spiralOkay. Serious talk about to commence (really now). I had a question going round and round my head the past couple of days and I just thought I should write about it. I have been observing people around me go through some of the things I will talk to you about and I have always wondered how they actually deal with it.

Have you ever (figuratively) walked aimlessly and bumped your head into a tree and realize that the foundation of your recent life decisions could, in fact, be too shaky to even hold up to a teensy weensy blow of the wind? Or have you ever felt so good about something, put your heart planning your future around that thing and then wake up one day suddenly all fearful that it could be a tad too close to wishful thinking for the fairy tale believers, or even worse, just pure B.S.? How about being too idealistic and too positive about something, doing your best not to let yourself get too affected by the continuous rantings of the negative people around you who think they know everything just because they went through something (and in their minds feel like they are masters of the universe of experiences – sounds like a modern day know-it-all He-Man), and then finding yourself finally say “Okay fine, whatever, I give up then. Just freaking leave me alone.” Ever had a goal or a plan you were so dead-set determined on achieving and feel yourself little by little losing your grip on it because of the non-believers around you – on top of the fact that things do not seem to be going as you planned  – and you, yourself, are questioning the viability of it all? What if no matter how you keep your head above the water, just the words “think positive” do not seem to work for you anymore?

Then all of a sudden (drum roll please) you feel yourself falling into darkness and turn into a nervous wreck. Sweaty hands. Spinning head. Double vision. Increased heart rate. Anxiety attack. Cardiac arrest.

“Man behind the counter, gimme that tub of quadruple chocolate chip monster cookie dough with double caramel and marshmallow ice cream, a can of whipped cream, and a bottle of cherries please. Oh and do you have a bottle of vodka to wash all that sweetness down? And throw in a bag of potato chips while you’re at it.”

Hmm so my question is – How do you turn things around?

Well, there is nothing you can do. You are doomed for life. Everything is bound to go south.


No way is there nothing you can do and no one is ever doomed for life. And if you come to a certain point in your life that you think everything is spiraling downward, well it is just about time you give yourself a breather. You are obviously just losing focus, or unnecessarily listening too much to other people’s opinions that you are letting your worries get the best of you.

Here is a tip on what you can do. Whatever the heart of the matter is – your object of depression – let go of it for a while. Detach yourself from it – or from everyone for that matter – maybe for a day or a weekend or a little bit more. If there is a simpler way of saying it – distract yourself from all kinds of distractions. Do something big that will relax you in a stellar fashion. Maybe go out of town, make your way to the beach, surf and soak up some sun, or head to a lovely spa and get a massage, body scrub, facial, the works! If you are a shopper, then go do some retail therapy if that is what will take your mind off things. It is up to you, really, what it is you can do. The important thing is to engage in an activity that will take your mind off your problems and your worries even for a while. There is nothing like a clear mind to help you achieve a state of calm from the center of your innermost being. It is like pressing your very own reset button. Once you have a clear mind, you can think better how to handle situations. With a clear mind, you can regain your focus, your perseverance and your faith in your beliefs and your decisions. Trust your decisions because you know yourself better than anybody else. People around you may always have a lot to say, but know that they are mere opinions from people who do not know any better.

Woosah! 😉

© Karen Cornejo, February 2013


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