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November 30, 2012

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I don’t know when and I’m not sure how but I have undeniably and undoubtedly become her.

Oh running how do I love thee? Let me count the ways (or the kilometers perhaps). Let me see…it’s 10:22pm now as I write this blog and I just finished running 4km. I woke up at 5:30 this morning and ran 4km. That just follows the night prior when after I got back from work and before I went to bed, I ran 5km. My day is never complete if I do not get to run and I find myself running many times in a day now more than ever.

Running has become more than just a workout for me. It has recently evolved into a very dependable therapy, a stress reliever, a ray of sunshine, a cool breeze, a perfect 4-foot longboard-perfect right-hander wave, a shoulder I can lean on, something real that I can run to, a steadfast friend.

I realized that this penchant for running has developed because of different reasons – to jump-start a perfect day, when I feel fat and ugly, when I get too happy and excited, when I get too stressed, when no one understands me and I have no one else to run to (a.k.a. drama queen mode).

Let’s talk about when I get too happy and too excited. Seriously, there are just these obscure times when I get TOO happy and TOO excited about something…an idea, a person, an event or a trip that’s weeks or months from present time that I feel there’s just this great build-up of colossal energy inside me that needs to be released in some way otherwise I will just burst and the sky will be filled with this great big display of fireworks. Poor me. I must calm down and soothe my impatience and so I run.

Just the same, if I experience these ultimate highs, there are times that I also do come face to face with intense stress or even worse, moments of despair and desolation. Sadly, I am that kind of person – like a very naughty kid gobbling cookies and donuts and all the sweets in the world and going thru these sugar highs and sugar crashes – not all the time, though, but just on occasion. So during these moments, I find myself yearning to be on a treadmill and I do run the soonest that I can. With my earphones on and the music on full blast, I become one with the speed and one with the music. I cherish that solemn moment when all I can hear is my heart thumping in rhythm with the music and each step I make. For a moment, it is just me in my happy world, free of any worries. The feeling during and right after the run is just so euphoric that for a good hour, maybe, I even actually forget why I was cramming to run in the first place. Running clears my mind and pulls me back to my state of calm. How awesome is that? Very.

On normal days, sans any extremities of excitement or depression, I still run run run. As soon as my alarm goes off, I just put my shoes on and go. Running wakes me up and makes me alert. Everyday I just feel brand new and it keeps my blood pumping the rest of the day too.

I know I have been running too often lately though. Could it be too much excitement? Too much stress? Have I been feeling down? No matter what the reasons are, I am nothing but happy to have this type of therapeutic mode of release. It is healthy for you to have a ready outlet – a way to release any pent-up emotions you may have – be it an activity, a hobby, dancing, a sport, blog, night out or just plain talking to a friend. Whenever you feel your inner equilibrium is off, your identified outlet will help you release any emotional stress and will soothe your spirits. Running has done wonders for me – maybe you ought to try it as well. Or if you have any similar channels of release, share it with the Running Girl.

Run like the wind 😉

© Karen Cornejo, November 2012

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My name is Karen and I am a true blooded Gemini. I was born in 1981 in the uber chaotic but equally beautiful city of Manila in the Philippines. I have recently relocated to Singapore, where I have been living for over a year now. I currently work as regional sales & marketing manager for a wonderful company that promotes wellness, purpose and abundance through our very unique product – therapeutic-grade essential oils. Since my life-long dream is to live in a beautiful island and do nothing but be happy and write…then might as well start living that dream now. Well, it’s only the writing part of that dream that I can afford at the moment, thus, this blog. Better to have a piece of that big dream than nothing at all! It is also true that I started this blog “because I’m tired of talking to myself.” Writing is my ultimate stress reliever. Most of the time, what I write is what I actually want to tell myself to give myself some needed reassurance that in the end, everything will be alright. I live each day with so much passion and there is nothing more I would want than to share this passion for life with everyone else. So this blog is for you as much as it is for me. I would love to hear from you too. For comments or whatever, feel free to drop me a note at or like my page on Facebook Thank you for reading my ramblings You are awesome! Love, Karen

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4 Comments on “Running Girl”

  1. moviewriternyu Says:

    I’m jealous. I’ve got to get back in runner mode. I was doing 5 miles a day, but I always taper off when it gets colder, using the weather for an excuse. I love running outside and hate going back to the gym to do it on the treadmill. Ugh!


    • Karen Cornejo Says:

      Whereas I cannot live without easy access to a treadmill 🙂 I seldom get the chance to run outside. I guess your excuse is pretty acceptable…I tried running in Central Park one very cold November and I could have just died (being the Asian that I am).


  2. Wilfreth Doddz Says:

    I find your article interesting, I do jogging when I was in high school and college and I do it not for fun rather as an obligation of an athlete. Ever since, I did not run for a mile, reading your blog interest me to run again, for fun, for relief and most of all for health reason. Thank you!


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