The Secret is in the Music

September 26, 2012

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Just a quick one today.

It is a breezy morning here in Adelaide and I am sitting at a cafe, killing time with my Bacardi Breezer and a lighted breather while I wait for my next flight. What an ideal setting to write down some ramblings!

Anyway, I mentioned in a previous blog about The Secret and how powerful your thoughts are and how the universe will actually always give you what it thinks you want based on your constant thought. The more you think about something, the more you call out for it to come to you.

Here’s an excerpt from my blog, To Settle is to Be Weak: “You know, The Secret is quite popular right now and for all of you who aren’t familiar with it, read the book or watch the video. Your thoughts are powerful and they play a vital role in how your future will unravel. The reason why unhappy people remain unhappy is because they always think about how unhappy they are. Likewise, people who are happy stay that way because they think happy thoughts. You see, the Universe will give you everything and anything you want but it will always base what you want on your thoughts. You should be quite careful also with how you structure your thoughts and make sure it remains positive. The Universe will only hear your base thought and it cannot distinguish whether it’s positive or negative. For example, if what’s always on your mind is “I don’t want my sucky job” – the Universe will only hear sucky job and that’s what you’ll keep on getting. Convert your thought into a positive one like “I want the perfect job” and that’s what you’re going to get.”

The fact that your thoughts are powerful can be a bit scary come to think of it. I mean, how often do you find yourself thinking lengths about a problem or worrying about something that isn’t even a problem yet? How often does extreme paranoia grasp your whole brain like a metal claw that’s just too hard to pry off? Often perhaps. It is scary because the more you are thinking of it, the more you are asking for whatever it is. I’m not going to tell you that this is not a problem I encounter because I do come across it quite a bit. It takes effort and practice to maintain a level of positivity and indestructible inner peace but it’s not impossible. Just keep in mind that the thoughts and visions that you constantly run in that sweet head of yours make or break the future that is ahead of you. So when you find yourself worrying or thinking negatively, you have to find a way to calm down, shake off all the worries and convert your thoughts into flat out positivity.

I use a simple and yet amazingly effective way to do this and it is by listening to music that I like. Music has this way of diverting your attention, calming you down and bringing you to a happy place. And because you are calm, it makes it easier for you to look at the brighter side of things which is how you convert the negative thoughts into positive ones. It will even tap into your creativity and help you figure out actual solutions to whatever problems you might have been grueling on. So whenever I catch myself being Ms. Worry Wart or when my evil paranoid twin pops up and tries to take over my head, I just pull out my earphones and listen to Kaskade – my forever reliable anti-depressant and tranquilizer. Try it. There’s no harm trying this method and it might just actually work for you. Your thoughts become more powerful when you take control of it.

Cheers! 🙂

© Karen Cornejo, September 2012

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My name is Karen and I am a true blooded Gemini. I was born in 1981 in the uber chaotic but equally beautiful city of Manila in the Philippines. I have recently relocated to Singapore, where I have been living for over a year now. I currently work as regional sales & marketing manager for a wonderful company that promotes wellness, purpose and abundance through our very unique product – therapeutic-grade essential oils. Since my life-long dream is to live in a beautiful island and do nothing but be happy and write…then might as well start living that dream now. Well, it’s only the writing part of that dream that I can afford at the moment, thus, this blog. Better to have a piece of that big dream than nothing at all! It is also true that I started this blog “because I’m tired of talking to myself.” Writing is my ultimate stress reliever. Most of the time, what I write is what I actually want to tell myself to give myself some needed reassurance that in the end, everything will be alright. I live each day with so much passion and there is nothing more I would want than to share this passion for life with everyone else. So this blog is for you as much as it is for me. I would love to hear from you too. For comments or whatever, feel free to drop me a note at or like my page on Facebook Thank you for reading my ramblings You are awesome! Love, Karen

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