Looking Back

Have you ever sat down for a moment and took some time to just reflect on the things that have happened to you in the past? I must tell you that this is one of my favorite pastimes and I  find it just plain amazing. Do it when you have time. Bring yourself back to memory lane. Recall the people you have met, your past loves, friends you lost, enemies even, loved ones who have passed away, all the joys, pain and heartaches you have been through. Each of those people or each of those experiences has contributed to bringing you to where you are right now.

Looking back, you will see how your life and the lives of other people are interconnected and each connection is for a reason. People come and go but before they leave, you will find that they leave with you something valuable too – something you would not have if your paths did not cross.

Here’s a tip, get a notebook and list down the names of the people you have met and write down something about them that you can be grateful for. Something like… Thank you 1, if not for you I would not have known the value of relationships that not because things did not work out between two people, means they should stop being friends. Thank you too that it is through our common friends that I met 2 who helped clean up my mess and when we broke up led me to meeting 3 who introduced me to the joys of exploring the world. And because I liked 3 and he didn’t like me back, I started dating and met 4 who suffocated me like crazy which led me to grow as a person and figure out what I really want in life.

Personally (that means the above example is hypothetical), I have this prank caller to thank, for if not for him I would not have crossed paths with this beautiful person who is making a difference in my life right now.

So you see, it really is amazing how one thing leads to another and each time it brings you closer to where you need to be. Looking back gives you that “aha” or that “so that’s why” moment that is just so overwhelming and I mean that in a good way. So whenever you are in a shitty situation, know that that will pass and it’s something you have to go through to reach the end goal…your very own nirvana. When you are feeling hopeless or frustrated with how things are going for you right now, just look back. The comfort in knowing that your past is a proof that things will always eventually fall into place is just priceless. Have faith in that.

Cheers! 🙂

© Karen Cornejo, August 2012

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About Karen Cornejo

My name is Karen and I am a true blooded Gemini. I was born in 1981 in the uber chaotic but equally beautiful city of Manila in the Philippines. I have recently relocated to Singapore, where I have been living for over a year now. I currently work as regional sales & marketing manager for a wonderful company that promotes wellness, purpose and abundance through our very unique product – therapeutic-grade essential oils. Since my life-long dream is to live in a beautiful island and do nothing but be happy and write…then might as well start living that dream now. Well, it’s only the writing part of that dream that I can afford at the moment, thus, this blog. Better to have a piece of that big dream than nothing at all! It is also true that I started this blog “because I’m tired of talking to myself.” Writing is my ultimate stress reliever. Most of the time, what I write is what I actually want to tell myself to give myself some needed reassurance that in the end, everything will be alright. I live each day with so much passion and there is nothing more I would want than to share this passion for life with everyone else. So this blog is for you as much as it is for me. I would love to hear from you too. For comments or whatever, feel free to drop me a note at primakarenrambles@live.com or like my page on Facebook www.facebook.com/PrimaKarenRambles. Thank you for reading my ramblings You are awesome! Love, Karen

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2 Comments on “Looking Back”

  1. Ann Says:

    Nice thoughts and so true.. Looking back, despite the lows, there are no regrets in my life, only opportunities to make it better.


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