Pay It Forward

Life is good and I know each one of us is in that same conquest of making it even better. There is nothing wrong with that. Everyone should work towards their dreams of success, stability, sheer happiness, love. I, myself, work hard to get everything I want…progression in my career, financial stability, the time and money to see the world and a whole lot of other stuff. Sometimes, though, amidst all these goals and dreams, we forget the most important thing that makes your time here on earth meaningful – making a difference in humanity.

What does success mean if it serves only no one else but yourself? It means nothing. If you argue that your success is not just for you but for your family as well, I would still consider that as for yourself alone because your family is an extension of you and helping them is your personal obligation.

A couple of years back I went thru this stage of self-reflection because I was feeling depressed- like there was this black hole in my soul, a sad emptiness, a lack of fulfillment. I realized that I have already been living 20 something years but I have never really made a mark in this world. So what if I solve a personal problem, complete a project, meet a deadline, get promoted, get a salary increase, be able to buy a new car or help my family more? What does that mean to anyone other than myself? I felt selfish. I felt so insignificant. I felt like my life lacked meaning.  I felt undeserving of the blessings I receive. Then I came across this book by Bo Sanchez about the secrets of the truly rich. He shared that there is nothing wrong about wanting to be rich so long as your purpose is to help others more. My whole life changed after that. I realized the importance of paying it forward and making a difference in the lives of others other than yourself.

So I explored ways on how to start making a difference by helping others, which is not that easy once you really sit down and think about it. The thought of increasing the amount I give as alms to the Church just didn’t cut it plus I had problems with that because I’m not really a regular church-goer and what would that donation really do? Contribute to the beautification of the physical church? I wanted something more. There are so many poor families in the Philippines and I remembered that I have always complained that if the masses were only educated then they would be smarter in voting and would stop electing movie stars as presidents. I realized then that I wanted to help put more kids to school so I could help them get better education and a chance for a brighter future. I have since then started sponsoring the schooling of children thru World Vision. As I earn more, I sponsor more kids as well. Now I have 8 dear kids and one of them is already in high school. It is fulfilling and heartwarming to see their progress reports and to see them growing up before my eyes. Finally my life has true meaning.

I really want to help more and do more. I am writing this with the hope that I may spark that drive in you to help others. If you are successful or well-off or happy then consider yourself lucky and blessed. Not many people are in the same state as you are. One of the best things you can do to show gratitude for all the goodness that you have in your life is to show kindness to others. Commit yourself to paying it forward. Be it helping others financially or inspiring others or whatever other venue is fine so long as you are able to create or influence positive changes in the lives of others. You will be surprised that by doing this, you are actually opening a floodgate of more blessings in your life.

Cheers and good vibes! 🙂

© Karen Cornejo, August 2012

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About Karen Cornejo

My name is Karen and I am a true blooded Gemini. I was born in 1981 in the uber chaotic but equally beautiful city of Manila in the Philippines. I have recently relocated to Singapore, where I have been living for over a year now. I currently work as regional sales & marketing manager for a wonderful company that promotes wellness, purpose and abundance through our very unique product – therapeutic-grade essential oils. Since my life-long dream is to live in a beautiful island and do nothing but be happy and write…then might as well start living that dream now. Well, it’s only the writing part of that dream that I can afford at the moment, thus, this blog. Better to have a piece of that big dream than nothing at all! It is also true that I started this blog “because I’m tired of talking to myself.” Writing is my ultimate stress reliever. Most of the time, what I write is what I actually want to tell myself to give myself some needed reassurance that in the end, everything will be alright. I live each day with so much passion and there is nothing more I would want than to share this passion for life with everyone else. So this blog is for you as much as it is for me. I would love to hear from you too. For comments or whatever, feel free to drop me a note at or like my page on Facebook Thank you for reading my ramblings You are awesome! Love, Karen

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2 Comments on “Pay It Forward”

  1. Sam divina Says:

    I couldnt agree more. People like u make this world a better place to live in. Your selfless dedication to help our less fortunate brothers is worthy of emulation. The happiness you bring to these young kids is priceless. I am with you in furthering your noble cause…


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